These are the CDF members. If you are not in the list you'e not a member of CDF.

CDF Council
[CDF]Laro24 aka Laro B. King(LEADER)

CDF Admins - Moderators

CDF Captains - Trainers
[CDF]Master Sven(TRAINER)

CDF Commandos

CDF Officers* - Troopers



Troopers and Officers are:
Normal CDF members, officers are trusted members.

Commandos are:
Trusted members who are skilled enouch to take place in Clanwars and tournaments. Commando is the highest rank you can get without permission.

Captains and Trainers are:
Captains are squad leaders in a Clanwar, captains don't have to play or take place in the clanwar. Remember to become captain you must be experienced in team leading and be skilled, this is mostly required in Call of Duty 4. Trainers need to train CDF members in both skill and teamplay.

CDF Admin and Moderators are:
Admins are the security members in servers, site, etc... and Moderators are forum security.

CDF Council
Council are the leaders.


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