About Us

CDF Start:

The Civilian Defence Force clan was founded in October 17 2008 by Laro B. King, the CDF Itself start at 2008 - 2 October,
like Xfire page, the Forum creation and on 17 October everything came up online. The clan is actually started in Call of Duty
4 and Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

About CDF

CDF on Jazz Jackrabbit 2:
The Civilian Defence Force became one of the most successful new-clans in Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Mostly thanks to our most loyal
members, CDF is strengthen the position on JJ2 clans list on the ladder site. CDF managed to become one of the largest in Jazz Jackrabbit2 in a short time. When CDF grew bigger, TreyLina was promoted to General, leader of CDF's Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Division.

CDF on DeusEx
In Deus Ex we merged with DxP, an old clan by Eugene, we decided to merge to reinforce both clans. Eugene was a moderator but he was promoted to General, leader of CDF's division in DeusEx. We are still growing and doing nicely. Later Eugene managed to handle a merge with MIRK.

CDF on ClanBase:
ClanBase? What is ClanBase?

It's a free system, founded by gamers in 1998, and since then constantly updated and improved by gamers, serving over 1.9 million active members and 248.000 clans playing 70.000 matches a month!

ClanBase hosts ladders and cups for Counterstrike, Unreal Tournament 2004, Call of Duty 2, Medal of Honor, Battlefield 2, Quake 4, WarCraft 3 and many more games.

In ClanBase, clans and players have the ability to arrange matches very easily in several exciting ladders and competitions (called Cups). Important matches are broadcasted in IRC and on internet radio with live commentary. For Counterstrike, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament, and other games supporting this feature, we broadcast those matches using internet TV, so people can watch the games live at home.

So, CDF will have a good use in ClanBase, keep in mind you CANNOT play ladders or cups without being in the squadlist! Contact me and I will help you getting used to it.
Click here!

CDF Server:
We need server hosters.

CDF Allies:
In order to strengthen the CDF We formed alliances with a number of other clans. We take pride in having a good relationship
with every game clan and this is why we have alliances with a large number of them. But ofcourse we ally only good clans
and not clans with aimbot that fight for shit.

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